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COZY STEEL - The safe tea light heater

COZY STEEL - The safe tea light heater


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Scope of delivery:

  • 1x COZY STEEL (dimensions LxWxH 300mm x 150mm x 180mm)
  • 1x pad
  • 1x tool for lifting the combustion chamber lid
  • 1x 18 premium rapeseed wax tea lights included for free
  • 1x lid on request (no extra charge!) with personalized lid

Order tea lights made of rapeseed wax 100% made in Germany COZY.

Tea lights made from rasp oil

The novelty from COZY.

The COZY tea light heater is safe to use and handle. For everyone who wants an even safer COZY, there is now the STEEL version. Completely made of stainless steel with wood applications. Fill the stainless steel combustion chamber of the COZY with up to six standard tea lights and light them. After about 30 minutes, the inner combustion chamber lid heats up to over 300 degrees Celsius and COZY releases extra warm air. The outer casing does not get hotter than 65 degrees and neither children nor pets can burn themselves on it.

Enjoy this extra warmth in your room and feel comfortable, independent of electricity and gas.

If the heating is off, you can still warm yourself. COZY the safe tea light heater is not just a wooden box but an innovative development by engineers and a safe alternative to heating.

The COZY STEEL tea light heater is 100% made in Germany. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the energy crisis and pandemic, the availability of materials and raw materials is still not stable. We therefore occasionally have to vary the version and type of wood of the tea light heater.

*We ship 99% of all paid orders the next day, in individual cases it can take up to 3 working days.

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The tea light heater that provides pleasant warmth

Everyone has probably heard of tea light ovens. There are especially clay heaters that you can make yourself. Then there is also COZY. This is a tealight heater that combines all the advantages of a tealight oven and offers much more. A very important point is security. Conventional tea light ovens can easily burst into flames. Since the hot air is also directed downwards towards the tea lights, they heat up significantly and a fire can occur. Not so with our tea light heater. Here the tea lights are on an aluminum grid. The cool air is then directed past the tea lights from below, so that they are cooled. A wax firing is therefore not possible.

Tea light heater for at home and on the go

Our tea light heater can of course be used as an additional heating source at any time at home. This means that you cannot simply turn off the heating, as the heating output would not be sufficient. However, you can easily lower it by a few degrees and thus save energy. The great thing about COZY is that it is mobile. For example, if you are camping, camping or like to spend time in the garden on mild evenings but it gets a bit cool then our tea light heater can serve you well. It generates enough heat in the immediate area so that you no longer have to freeze. You can even put your feet on the heater and - for even more comfort - simply put a blanket over them. Try it!

Tealight heater – your safety comes first

So that nothing can happen, the construction of the tea light heater was designed to be tilt-proof. Fire protection panels were used inside that are fireproof up to 1,500 degrees. This means: If the COZY should tip over and the candles don't go out, nothing can catch fire. This is also ensured by a fireproof base, which also serves as wax drip protection. You see, everything has been thought of. Get our tea light heater that you won't want to be without in the future.

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