COZY - The story

COZY - The revolution of coziness: A tea light heater for apartments, terraces and camping

In a world where energy efficiency and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, a creative team from Germany has developed an innovative solution that is both practical and environmentally friendly. COZY, a tealight heater for homes, patios and camping, is the result of months of work and passion. COZY combines comfort, safety and sustainability in one product.

The idea for COZY arose from the need to develop an energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution for indoor and outdoor use. Angelo Bris, the founder of Maritim Manufaktur GmbH, recognized the potential of this idea and brought together a team of experts to drive the project forward. Together with Heyko Rickert, Raoul Zimmermann and M.Eng. Helene Knorr, an energy efficiency engineer, worked tirelessly to develop and improve the COZY concept.

COZY works based on tea lights, a simple and widespread source of energy. By using the heat from tea lights, efficient and comfortable heating is possible for homes, terraces and camping. The team has placed particular emphasis on safety and ensured that COZY can be used reliably and safely in any situation.

In addition to safety and efficiency, COZY also offers incomparable comfort. The charm of the flickering tea lights creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing evenings outdoors. COZY is not only a practical heating solution, but also an attractive design element.

The first prototypes of COZY were manufactured in the factory in Ahrensbök, Schleswig-Holstein. There they were thoroughly tested and prepared for series production. Through local production, COZY helps reduce the ecological footprint while creating jobs in the region.

COZY is a prime example of innovative and sustainable solutions today. The tealight heater combines coziness, safety and environmental friendliness in one product that also revolutionizes patio and camping heating. It shows that creative ideas and a committed team can make a real difference.

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