Questions and answers (FAQ)

The COZY tealight heater can be operated with standard 4h and 8h tealights. Please do not use scented candles or maxi candles. If you are not sure whether your tea lights are suitable, test their use under supervision! If soot forms, the candles are unsuitable. You can find the optimal tea lights in our shop

A maximum of 6 tea lights can be used in the COZY at the same time.

After lighting the tea lights, the COZY should not be moved while it is burning. Due to its open design for maximum air circulation, small amounts of wax can leak out when moving. To protect the floor if this happens, a fireproof base is included.

Due to its stable construction, it is hardly possible for the COZY to tip over. If it does happen (e.g. due to lifting and dropping), all candles will normally go out. In extreme emergencies, the included base, which is made of fireproof material, can be used as a fire blanket.

If you put it on a fire or set it on fire from outside? Yes.

When used properly with a maximum of 6 tea lights? No!

No. Living rooms should never cool down below 16 degrees and most people no longer feel comfortable at 18 degrees. You have to continue to maintain this basic temperature as before.

Clearly: yes! If you use the COZY wherever you are. Ideally placed directly under your feet, it will keep you warm even when the heating is turned down.

Yes. You can easily operate several COZYs in one room. Our recommendation is a maximum of 1 COZY per 10m² room size.

The COZY is made of multi-layer wood. We recommend not using the COZY directly in the rain or leaving it outside.

The COZY is very stable and can easily be used as a stool. However, due to the loose lid, we recommend not using the COZY as a step or standing on it.

COZY - the safe tea light heater compared to a conventional clay pot heater