The principle of the COZY tea light heater

How high is the heating output of our COZY tea light heater?

Our COZY tea light heater works with radiant heat. Fireproof panels are attached to the interior walls, which absorb the resulting heat and release it to the wood outside. Under the lid there is an aluminum sheet as a combustion chamber cover that conducts and distributes heat very well. Nevertheless, you will never burn your fingers on the outer surfaces. The radiant heat reaches you outside at a maximum of 65 degrees. You can of course control the intensity of the heating power with the number of 1-6 tea lights. But under no circumstances should you fill the COZY tea light heater with more than 6 tea lights, otherwise proper ventilation from below through the perforated plate is no longer guaranteed and no thermodynamics are created. This creates the risk of too much heat in the interior. We worked with our engineers and designers for months on the right format, size and possible uses, carried out many tests ourselves and also had external institutions test the COZY tea light heater. The result is a sophisticated product that will give you a lot of joy.

The perception of heat and the distribution of heat is different for each person. In addition, there is the size of the room and the height of the rooms. The COZY tealight heater radiates the convection heat from the tealights evenly onto the fireproof panels in the interior, which in turn heat the wood outside.

How many m² can the COZY tea light heater heat?

This is where the two terms space heat and radiant heat come into play. Compared to a fan heater with 1500 watts, a tea light generates up to around 40 watts per tea light and this energy cannot be physically increased. However, the tea light creates a temperature of up to 1400 degrees on the candle flame that no fan heater can achieve. The COZY tea light heater makes full use of the compact space with the heat sheet above the tea lights , the dynamic ventilation from below and the fireproof side walls in the tea light heater for heating. Of course, there are also air slots under the lid at a sufficient height so that the heated air can rise from the bottom to the top and the heated air also flows out of the openings. You can touch and touch the outside of the heater at any time, but you should not change the position because the wax is now completely liquid.

The maximum wattage through the 6 tea lights is just 240 watts. However, radiant heat works completely differently than any wattage figures and is therefore not comparable. We know the effect of the sun or the red light lamp. Even at temperatures below zero degrees, the sun warms our faces and hands. There are atoms and molecules in the body that are responsible for how our body perceives heat. Even if the thermometer doesn't show a significant difference, you will still notice the warmth. You will quickly find yourself turning the heat down after 15-20 minutes. This way you save massively on heating costs. The COZY tea light heater cannot replace your heater, but it can complement it in a sensible and inexpensive way. The COZY tea light heater can be used anywhere without a cable. Maybe you have a small room up to 10 m² that has no heating but always seems overcooled. The COZY tea light heater can work effectively here. You can also combine several COZY tea light heaters in one room.

Heating with candles – COZY shows you how it works

A tealight oven is certainly not new and you may have even made one yourself. These tea light ovens are mostly made from clay pots and are not as effective as our patented COZY tea light oven. This is made of wood and offers numerous advantages that ensure even better heat output when heating with candles. This means that there are heat panels inside that transfer the heat to the wood. This heats up to a maximum of 65 degrees, so you can't burn yourself. The rest is released into the environment. The tea lights also stand on an aluminum grid that allows air to pass through from below and thus cools the candles. A big difference to conventional tea light ovens, where the candles are heated by the reflective heat.

Heating with tea lights – can I save on heating?

No, you can't do that, because when heating with candles in the COZY tea light oven, the wattage produced is not enough. But what you can do is turn the heating down a few degrees. This saves a lot of energy and is also good for your wallet. You can quickly feel the radiant heat that is given off when heating with candles on your skin - similar to the sun, which warms us even in cold temperatures. If you are near the tealight oven, you will clearly feel the pleasant warmth and will turn the heating down. However, you cannot heat an entire room with tea lights. Things are different with a small tent or a van. If you like camping, then our COZY tea light heater can serve you well and you can do without heaters that run on gas or oil.

Heating with candles – no tipping, no risk of fire

Our design was developed in such a way that the COZY tea light oven cannot tip over and therefore the risk of fire is largely eliminated. Should it happen, the built-in heating panels are fireproof up to 1,500 degrees, and every COZY comes with a fire protection mat that serves as drip protection. You see: Heating with candles works wonderfully, you save energy and heating costs and you have a pleasantly cozy warmth.